We have a beautiful used Conn Vintage One - C Trumpet available for sale. This Professional C Trumpet has a Brass Lacquer Finish in normal condition (minimal wear). Instrument is in Full Professional Functional Condition. The instrument has a smooth and accurate playing feel, which is combined with responsive tone capable of being both rich and delicate when needed. This C Trumpet will serve, both the professional and amateur musician well, in symphony, chamber, and solo settings. 


The instrument has had a full external and internal inspection. It has been fully Professionally Cleaned and Serviced by our experienced Command Brass - Brass Technicians. All Piston Felts, Water Key Corks are brand new factory originals. All of the slides have smooth/quick action and show no signs of corrosion, tarnish, or dents. The Leadpipe Assembly's internal bore is corrosion free and has no dents. Leak testing has been performed and subsequently passed to a professional standard. This instrument has had one owner who is a Professional Musician.  

Conn Vintage One - C Trumpet

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Make: C.G. Conn (Conn Selmer)

    Model: 1B46C - Vintage One

    Manufacturer Origin: United States (Eastlake, Ohio)

    Key: C

    Bell: Yellow Brass - 1 Piece Hand Hammered Bell

    Bore: .462”

    Water Keys: Amado and Standard

    Valve/Piston: 3 Monel - Short Throw Piston Action (for quick accurate note changes)

    Additional: Included Modular Weight System (Optional), Single ProTec Trumpet Case

    Accessories: 1 - “Rounded” Main Tuning slide, 1 - “Square”/“D” Main Tuning Slide, 1 - Set Standard Bottom Valve Caps, 1 - Set of Heavy Weight Valve Cap w/ Additional Optional Weights, 1 - Original Accessory Pouch w/ Zipper

  • We ship using the 3 major trusted shipping companies, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. We ONLY ship within the Continential United States. Shipping will include full value insurance for the instrument. Contact Command Brass for additonal questions and details.