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We have for sale a Monette - Unity (Model B1-7) Trumpet Mouthpiece. This 24K Gold Plated mouthpiece is in Like New Condition and comes in its original box with care and cleaning instructions. 


Information from Monette's Website:

Unity B1-7

Unity Mouthpieces: the latest generation of Monette mouthpieces


Size Comparison: Monette B1 series, conventional 1C


This all-new rim design was inspired by the original Monette rim contour first used by Wynton Marsalis and Charles Schlueter in the 1980s. The Unity B1-7 was developed for our own Jason Gunderson, who wanted a new B1-sized mouthpiece that would feel secure on the lips and provide extra-clean articulation, but without feeling harsh. The rim shape is not as round as the B1-1 or B1-3, and not as flat as the B1-2 and B1-4. We have all found that this new rim keeps the chops together without feeling constrained or inflexible. The new Unity B1-7 is the best 1C-equivalent mouthpiece we have ever played!



The Unity B1-7 is made in the standard-weight Unity body.


Plating & Finish:

Unity mouthpieces have a 24k brushed gold finish.

Monette - Unity - B1-7 Trumpet Mouthpiece

  • Type: Mouthpiece

    Instrument/Shank: Trumpet

    Brand: Monette

    Model: Unity

    Sub-model: B1-7

    Material: 24K Gold Plated Brass

    Condition: Used - Like New - Consignment

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