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Custom Work
and Modifications

Want a new leadpipe for a different playing feel? Want a more ergonomic Thumb Ring for your tuba? Have a completely new idea for custom horn with features that fit you perfectly? Want a raw brass finish or want raw brass to be "shiny" and brilliant?

We do every bit of that and more! Bring us your ideas and needs and we can bring them to reality!


Leadpipes Swaps

Ergonomic Adjustment and Additions (grips, knobs, rings, widen, narrow)

Addition of Mass

Reduction of Mass

Custom Caps, Buttons, and Accessories

Custom Parts

Finish changes (polishing, buffing, plating, coating applications)

Bell Swaps

Slide Trigger (creation and installations)

Braces (creation, relocation, removal, reinforcement, and addition)

Felt, Rubber, Silicone, Cork, and Acrylic Substitutions

Custom Engravings

And Much More!!!!

We do not service woodwind instruments!

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