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Music Educators

Whether it is repairs, oils, accessories, restoration of older instruments, or inspection and assessment of the your fleet, we have you covered!

We are a Professional Full Service Provider for all you Brass Instrument Needs! This includes PICKUP and DROP-OFF Services. 

Bell Assembly Damaged


We have a fully equipped Professional Brass Instrument Repair facility. We can get instrument back into functional condition all the way to completely restored condition. We have quick turnaround times to get instruments fixed back into the hands of your students!

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Mouthpieces, Cases, Accessories and Lubricants

We sell many brands of mouthpieces. These are several of the brands we work with... Denis Wick, Bach, Conn Selmer, Yamaha, Schilke, Helleberg.

We can get the oils, instrument stands, visualizers, mouthpiece aids, and replacement cases you need to keep your instruments in good working order and protected. 


Inspection, Maintenance, and Fleet Assessment

We are fully knowledgeable and equipped to assess the condition of your instruments to determine what is needed to make sure your students are performing with the best. 

We even do complete assessments of school programs brass fleet for service, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement purposes.


Full Service and Pickup and Drop-off

We will come to pickup and subsequently drop-off your instruments so you will not have to worry about taking time get them to and from our facility. 

We have many flexible methods to get your instruments can setup a regular scheduled visit to your school, call-in, text, and email for Pickup/Drop-off Service Appointment. 


Restoration Services

Have several old sousaphones that you want to look and function like new? Program expanding and you need those two Bass Trombones sitting in the back of the storage room to get back into students hands? We can make all those things happen. Brass instruments can have a long life when restored and save your program money and resources in the long run! 

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Custom Needs and Infrastructure 

Not seeing something listed on our site that you need help with? Let us know and we will get you the answers and service you need! Whether its new music stands, custom installed sousaphone rack hangers, travel cases for your low brass and high brass, we can do that for you!

Let us know how we can help keep your program efficient, fun, and successful!


We know one of the most important and limited resources a Music Educator has available to them is their time. We Guarantee that we will always respect your time with professional, precise, efficient, and cost effective service.

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