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For sale is this Used Vincent Bach Stradivarius 180 -  Bb Professional Trumpet with a Lacquer finish. It is equipped with the 37 Bell Flare for a large, and strong core sound.


Serial #31661 dates this instrument to approximately 1965. Due to its age, the Lacquer finish is fairly compromised but the instrument is in good playing condition with smooth valves and slide action.


Being the standard make/model for many professionals, this instrument is a great fit in Concert, Chamber, Orchestral, and Commercial/Jazz environments. This will make a great instrument for any Advanced to Professional player. 


The instrument has had a full external and internal inspection. It has been fully Professionally Cleaned and Serviced by our experienced Command Brass - Brass Technicians. All Piston Felts, Water Key Corks are brand new factory originals. All of the slides have smooth/quick action and show no signs of corrosion, tarnish, or dents. The Leadpipe Assembly's internal bore is corrosion free and has no dents. Leak testing has been performed and subsequently passed to a professional standard. 

Bach Stradivarius 180L37 - Bb Trumpet

  • · Key: Bb

    · Bell: 37

    · Monel Valves

    · Leadpipe: Standard 25

    · .359” ML

    · Lacquer Finish

    · Standard Body Weight

    · 3rd Slide Ring

    · Comes with a Protec International streamline case

    · Serial #31661 (Approx. 1965)

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