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**Reduced Price**

Asking $425 Or Better Offer


C. G. Conn LTD 8A Victor - Bb/A Cornet is available for sale. This cornet has an extra tuning slide with an "opera glass" micro-tuning mechanism to play in either Bb or A. The valves are "Clickless Crysteel" bottom loaded spring valves. 


For a more detailed account of this model, visit the informational on the Conn Loyalist website. 


This instrument is in Full Professional Functional Condition. All Slides, Valves, and micro-tuner function with smooth action. Lacquer finish is worn in the heavily handled areas. All waterkey corks and felts have been replaced. 


Comes with a hardshell case. 


C. G Conn LTD 80A - Cornet

  • Make: C. G. Conn LTD

    Model: Victor 80A

    Manufacturer Origin: United States (Elkhart, Indiana)

    Key: Bb / A

    Serial #: 360890

    Finish: Brass (Lacquer)

    Water Key(s): Standard

    Additional: Ornate Art-deco Engravings on Bell Flare, Micro-tuner, and Bottom Sprung Valves. 

    Accessories: Hard Shell Case

    Consignment Program: Yes

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