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The Philharmonic - Brilliante Sonus Trumpet [Bb and C]


This professional trumpet is a brand new design to meet all of your Orchestral, Concert Band, and Chamber Ensemble needs. 


· Focused Concert Hall Projection

· Ultra Precise Articulations

· Ultra Efficient Blow

· Focused and Exceptionally Accurate Slotting and Intonation

· Matched sound and playing profiles for Bb and C Configurations



- Premium Instrument Case

- Authentication and Configuration Certificate and ID Card

- Set of "D" and "Rounded" Main Tuning Slides

- Lifetime Cleanings and Inspections (performed by Command Brass)


Only the best materials were used in the crafting of this instrument. This instrument was designed, engineered, fabricated, hand built, and performance tested in our facility in Columbus, Ohio. Command Brass Trumpets are Made for Professionals by Professionals.

Command Brass Philharmonic - Brilliante Sonus Trumpet [DOWN PAYMENT]

  • This price represents the Special Pre-Order Down Payment to reserve one of the 1st 10 exceptionally designed hand built instruments. 

    Under this special Offer, the total price will be $3500.00 plus tax. The $975.00 Pre-Order Down Payment will apply to the $3500.00 final sale price. After the first 10 Pre-Orders are filled the Final price will be $4175.00.

    Command Brass staff will contact buyers to confirm Finish, Additonal Build Details, and to process and convey other necessary information.

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