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We have for sale a Monette - Unity (Model DMLD) Trumpet Mouthpiece. This 24K Gold Plated mouthpiece is in Like New Condition and comes in its original box with care and cleaning instructions. 


Information from Monette's Website:

  • More brilliance, cleaner articulation, and more projection than ever before.

  • The upper register is freer, more even, more slotted, and more balanced to the other registers.

  • New cup designs, backbores, and mouthpiece weights, all of which are optimized for use with non-Monette, production trumpets. (*Unity mouthpieces can also be made for Monette trumpets. Just contact our shop for more information.)

  • From the very first notes, these are even easier to play than any mouthpieces we have ever made - even if you have never played a Monette mouthpiece before.

  • New designs for lead trumpet play easier in the extreme upper register, while providing a fatter sound and a more locked-in response in the middle and low register, compared to other lead mouthpieces. Including previous Monette models.

  • Unity mouthpieces have even more of the sonic and acoustic advantages of our existing Prana mouthpieces, while being more forgiving to play for those with unresolved tension or body-use issues.

  • Field-tested and used daily by Wynton Marsalis, Ron Miles, Manny Laureano, Ingrid Jensen, Charlie Porter, Theo Croker, Patrick Hession, and Itamar Borochov.

  • Unity mouthpieces are available in 25 different sizes, including sizes for lead trumpet playing and several all-new sizes! These sizes cover the musical needs of the vast majority of our clients.

Monette - Unity - DMLD Trumpet Mouthpiece

  • Type: Mouthpiece

    Instrument/Shank: Trumpet

    Brand: Monette

    Model: Unity

    Sub-model: DMLD

    Material: 24K Gold Plated Brass

    Condition: Used - Like New - Consignment

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